How to use a space blanket to hide space station and space station commander’s uniform

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The new space blanket will be a staple of space station crews and space-flight enthusiasts for the next several decades, and it will be the uniform of the next commander of the International Space Station, the US space agency NASA said Wednesday.

The new space blankets will be worn by US astronauts during spacewalks and spacewalk crews during the duration of their space missions, NASA said.

“The new spacesuit, or space blanket as we call it, is designed to provide an ideal protection to astronauts and crew members while they work on the space station,” said Michael Suffredini, NASA’s associate administrator for human exploration and operations.NASA says it has used space blankets in the past for medical, security and other purposes.

The US space program is using the space blankets for two missions that are scheduled to launch in 2021 and 2023.

One mission is to help with the space stations repair and refurbishment, and the other is to study and test space technology, NASA added.