Which is better? A space heater or a space jam shirt?

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The new space heaters, as the name suggests, can convert your existing space into a hot spot for the summer.

The idea is to create a large, communal space where you can hang out, have some activities, and get to know your neighbors.

“If you have a big, shared, and warm space, then the heaters are ideal,” said Sarah Zellner, founder of the non-profit Space Jam, in an interview with Wired.

It is a little bit like an RV space, where you’re not confined to the same space.

“But if you have this space where people are going to be around, then you’re going to have more of an opportunity for community,” she said.

Zellner and other space jam participants say the new heaters have become a hit among the homeless and the homeless need them.

They also have a new focus.

In 2017, the California Homeless Services Authority counted almost 4,000 people living in tent encampments in the state.

Homeless encampments were one of the biggest factors in California’s homeless population, according to a study by the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation released in January.

There were about 6.5 million homeless people in the U.S. in 2016, according the report.

But with the arrival of the space heater, there are now hundreds of thousands of homeless people living outdoors, Zellbernt said.

Homeless people also find the new space heater offers a more spacious experience.

If it’s a little colder in here, I can sit in the chair and watch the sun set,” said Tisha Hock, a homeless person in Los Angeles, in a Wired interview.

A space heater in a tent.

That’s why the space jam is named after the space heater.

The space jam shirts are available online for $100 each, but Zellers suggested people consider getting the new ones at $200 each.”

We wanted to make that space feel like home, so it was about making that feel as if it was home,” she told Wired.

The space jam shirts are available online for $100 each, but Zellers suggested people consider getting the new ones at $200 each.

The price of space heat in California has soared in recent years, and Zellering said the idea behind the space jams is that they are designed to address a real need in the region. More:

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