Space station space stock falls to record low

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Space station stock has dropped to record lows following the collapse of a rocket in February, as investors have sought to secure a cheaper flight path.

The space agency’s rocket fell into the ocean on a mission in April and broke up in mid-February.

The accident prompted the closure of the station for a month and the evacuation of more than half the station’s personnel.

“The loss of the rocket has taken a huge toll on the station,” said Mark Litton, a space-services analyst at the Wall Street Journal.

“In the short term, the loss of this rocket will have a very negative impact on the overall financial position of the company and on the viability of the entire space station program.”

“The space station has been in orbit for almost five years and the loss is very significant,” Mr Litton said.

“For a company like SpaceX to go down in a single rocket is not good news.”

The loss of a space shuttle booster, which was launched in May, has also hurt the company’s bottom line.

SpaceX has had a tough time securing a supply of refurbished space shuttle components.

“We’re really in the dark on what happened to the launch vehicle and we’re not sure how long it will take for that to be resolved,” Mr Steglitz said.

Mr Littleson also said the loss could also lead to “a bit of a selloff in the space community”.

The stock was trading around $1,200 before the accident, which had a market value of more a billion dollars (£932m) according to the website of the NASDAQ Stock Market.

SpaceX declined to comment.

“At this point, the stock has been trending downward in the past couple of days, but we are continuing to work through the various issues that are impacting the stock,” said Elon Musk, the chief executive of the space-focused company.

Mr Musk has previously said he would like to return to the moon by 2023.

“It’s probably not possible to return in the next couple of years.

There’s just no way,” he said.