Which games are worth buying now?

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What games are now worth buying?

Is it a question worth asking, even in 2017?

If you were going to pick a favorite video game of 2017, would you want to play it, or would you rather play it with friends?

The answer is both, says Jeffery Langer, senior vice president of global marketing for Ubisoft, which released The Division, a new entry in the series.

Langer says it’s important to remember that the franchise hasn’t yet entered a peak.

Ubisoft is planning on releasing a new game every year.

“We’re in the very early stages of our development process.

We’re trying to get the core game right, but the next game will be a different animal entirely,” Langer told

“So we’re doing a lot of stuff, but we’re not quite at the peak yet.”

Langer says the next installment will be “a lot of fun” for players to experience and that they’ll want to invest in some of the DLC that is available, including a new character and a new weapon.

The Division has sold more than a million copies and the first wave of DLC includes a new boss character, a playable version of the game’s new game mode, and more.

The first wave was released earlier this month, with another coming in October.

Langer said that Ubisoft is aiming to release new content on a regular basis, and that it plans to make updates to the game every two months.

Ubisoft isn’t giving a specific date for when the next expansion will be released, but Langer said they want to release it as soon as possible.

“The next game is going to be bigger than the last one,” he said.

“It’s going to expand the game, and we want to make sure it’s going all the way to the end.

We don’t want it to be a grind, so we want players to feel like they’re on a different path to progress.”

Langreich agrees, saying that the game has become so good that it is now worth playing again.

“There’s so many ways to play,” he told Gamesindustry.

“You can play it in a traditional way, you can play with friends, you play online, you go on a holiday, you’re playing in the dark, you get the game and the next day you’re in a different place.”

The Division will be available to purchase for $59.99 from November 8.

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