How to get the best tattoo in SF, from a designer with a strong love of art and design

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The living spaces in the city of San Francisco are home to some of the best designs in the country.

They have an abundance of art installations and art spaces that attract the best of the creative minds from around the world.

But one designer has a passion for design and a particular affinity for the design and art scene.

Design space owner and tattoo artist Michael Guglielmo is a tattoo expert who designs tattoo artwork on a regular basis and is known for his unique designs.

He is a huge fan of the artists who work in the tattoo scene and says his style of tattooing is very much influenced by the style of art that was popular back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

“I love the way tattoos have evolved,” Guglio said.

“It’s all about the way the ink dries.

It’s all based on the way that the tattoo was applied.

That’s where the modern tattoo comes from.”

Guglio has designed over 20 tattoos and tattoos are his main focus.

He said that his style has evolved since his childhood in the suburbs of San Jose and he is very familiar with the way people have tattooed since his teens.

“Tattoos in the last 30 years have been a little bit more modern,” he said.

“We’re all still doing the same thing.

I feel that the tattoos that people have now are very different than the ones that I had.

It is a lot more modern.”

Goglio said that in the past he would get tattoos on people that he admired and then the ink would fade and the tattoo artist would just replace it with a blank piece of paper.

Now, he will often get tattoos of the artist that inspired him, but not the artist himself.

“The tattoo artist is very personal to me.

They are a very special person,” Goglio explained.

“They are a person that has a vision of their own.

They can really make something special out of the tattoo.

I think that tattoo artists have always been able to have the most creative freedom.”

To learn more about the world of tattoo and how to get your first tattoo, visit

Gugliels website is and you can follow him on Twitter.

You can also follow him for the latest news and updates on tattoo.

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