The first 3D printer will have a home in the office

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The company behind the first 3d printer, the 3d Printing Space, announced today it will open up a space in the San Francisco office for use by 3d printing.3D Printing Space is the third space in its space, the space on which the company plans to launch the printer.3d Printing Spaces first opened in February of this year, but it was recently closed.

The company said that, since its launch, it has been overwhelmed by requests from businesses, and they have asked that the space be reopened.

The company said it plans to open up the space to customers by the end of the year.3,000 cubic meters (3,400 cubic feet) of space will be available for customers to use, with an area of roughly five square meters (1,800 square feet).

Customers can rent space for up to five days at a time.3.3-meter x 3.3m x 2.3 meter (8.4 square meters x 2 square meters) space for rent at $300 per day per tenant.3 month rent at an additional $300.3 day rent at a discounted rate of $100 per day.

The space is located in the city’s Third Street, and will house the company’s newest 3d printers, the company said.

The 3D Printing space is scheduled to open on January 31.