‘We need to do this to change the culture’: Parents demand change at Edmonton Public Schools

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Edmonton Public School is facing criticism after a video surfaced online showing staff in a room talking about what they thought was a new policy that would help them get rid of the school’s “safe space.”

The video, uploaded to the website, shows a series of students talking about the new policy and its implications.

The video is a clip from an episode of the show “A Tale of Two Worlds” in which two different versions of the story are shown.

One of the versions shows a teacher using a class to discuss a new safety policy.

The other version shows a classroom teaching students about the “safe spaces” they should use for discussing sensitive topics.

Both versions are from a class at a high school in the town of Glenmore, Alta.

The episode was created by former Edmonton Public school students and posted online in October 2017.

The teacher who is teaching the class is wearing a shirt emblazoned with a message that reads, “The safe space at our school is now a safe space.”

It’s unclear if the teacher in the video is the same person who has taught the class previously.

The school told CBC News it has not received any complaints about the video.

“As soon as we received this video, we immediately contacted the principal of the Glenmore School and took immediate action to remove the video from our website,” the school wrote in an email to CBC News.

“The Glenmore Education Centre has been made aware of this video and is taking immediate action.”

The school said the teacher who made the video did not work in the Glenmont Public School.

Glenmore Public Schools spokesman Brian Wysocky said it is difficult to determine if the school is aware of the video and that the school “will take all appropriate actions in the coming days.”

Wysockie said the school will be making an investigation into the incident.

“I don’t want to say too much, because we’re not going to comment on the details of it,” he said.

The Glenmont school has an “emotional and mental health centre,” which will be providing support for students and staff.

Wysampy said Glenmore is in the process of working with other schools to establish “safety zones” and “safe environments” for students.

Glennmore is a small community of about 400 people, about 50 kilometres east of Edmonton.

It is about 100 kilometres from the city.

The Edmonton Police Service said they were aware of what had happened and were investigating.

“We can confirm there has been an allegation of an incident at Glenmore Public School that occurred in the last few hours,” said Sgt. Mark Sauer.

“We have not been served with a complaint.”

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