Why you should listen to the new song ‘Away’ by the Eagles

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A little over a month ago, we reported that the Eagles had just dropped a new song entitled “Away” for their upcoming album.

Since then, the band has been making the rounds on social media promoting the song with an Instagram video and Instagram post from a fan.

The song, which has become a huge hit, features some of their most popular hits, including “We’ve Got It” and “I Got It,” as well as the hit song “I Feel It.”

In fact, the video has gone viral and it has even garnered the Eagles a lot of attention.

Now, the Eagles are ready to show their fans what they can do with the new track.

“Aaway” is available now on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

The Eagles are using the song to introduce their new album, “Hate It.”

The song is currently being promoted on the band’s official Instagram page.

Check it out below: “A Away” by The Eagles is available on iTunes.

Spotify: “Hates It” on Spotify: Spotify:{utm_medium=social&utm.medium=facebook&utm-title=Aaway&utm+description=&{utm_content=https%3AhateIt%3Advertiser%2CEpisode%3D%22Hate%20It%22%2CSampisode%20%2CVid%3F9242617%26channel%3EDay%20May%202016%26videoid%5D&utmiframe=true%2FPaste%2D%5B&utmtotalservice=false&utmclient=facebook-share-iframe&utmuser=1877956536&utmcid=123434&url= /yLbYQdZY5d — The Sports Bible (@TheSportsBible) May 13, 2019 The Eagles have also been making their fans aware of the song’s release.

They released an official video that shows them performing it on a stage.

“I Love It” is also being used by the band on social channels, including their official Instagram and YouTube accounts.

The video is now available on the Eagles’ official website and can be seen below.

The band has also shared the song on Twitter.

“The Eagles will never stop listening to the ‘I Love it’ song,” the band wrote in the caption of the video.

“You can hear it in the background on the street corner, in the school playground, and in your bedroom.

A little closer to home, at the bar or at a party.

It’s been an inspiration for us all to keep it in mind.”

Watch the video above and let us know what you think in the comments.