Why cats are really smart: Researchers say they have the answer

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A team of scientists says they have a new theory to explain why cats are so smart, and it turns out cats have the ability to solve problems by thinking about the problem and applying the right thought process. 

Scientists have been working to explain how cats can think like humans for decades, but it was only recently that they were able to show that the ability is shared by dogs and cats. 

The team of researchers at the University of California at Davis, who study the brain development of animals, found that cats are able to use the same mental processing power to solve a simple problem as a human. 

In a paper published this week in the journal Science, the researchers explain that the brain of a cat uses neural networks and information processing to analyze visual images. 

While the brain works like a computer, the cat’s brains are much more like the brains of humans, the authors write. 

“The brains of cats are much smarter than the brains we have in humans, so the brain is just a sort of computational machine,” lead researcher Chris Schulman said in a statement. 

Schulman and his colleagues found that the same kind of brain that makes cats smart also makes them very good at thinking like humans. 

They theorize that cats’ brains use an internal network of processing centers called the hippocampus, which has been shown to be important in human cognition. 

These processing centers are responsible for processing images, memories, and ideas. 

Researchers think that the hippocampus helps cats solve complex problems because it is much larger than the brain that we have. 

This means the hippocampus can store much more information than we can. 

When the hippocampus is activated, a cat can quickly recognize and apply a new idea to an existing problem. 

And the hippocampus doesn’t just help cats solve their problems.

It also can help humans, too. 

For instance, if a cat is presented with a new image of a person and they can recognize that the person is the same person as the image, they can apply the same thought process to the image. 

It seems like the cat has the ability not only to solve simple problems, but also apply the right thinking process to solve them. 

If the brain in a cat has more of a brain than the one in humans and humans have a brain that is more like that of a dog, this makes the brain much more efficient, the study authors write in the paper. 

But, Schulmans said that the new theory of how cats use their brains doesn’t have any immediate applications for humans.

He said that this is just one of many research topics that the research team will continue to pursue. 

To learn more about this research, visit this link: Schuelsman et al., “Cats use a new, human-like approach to solve complex tasks.”

Science, 2016.

DOI: 10.1126/science.aab6205 (About DOIs).

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