Angry birds space: Angry birds to visit space station

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Angry birds have been invited to visit the International Space Station in 2017 for a month-long holiday, officials announced today.

Angry birds are considered a “space species” by the United Nations, and can be found on the International Astronautical Federation’s list of “space-worthy” species.

The announcement came at a news conference in New Delhi organised by the Indian Space Research Organisation.

“We want to encourage more people to come out to the Indian suborbital space station,” said Manish Singh, CEO of the Indian space agency.

In 2017, Angry Birds became a space species after a year of virtual testing.

India’s space agency plans to send a group of Angry Birds to the International Asteroid Centre, where they will observe the moon’s surface.

The Indian space station is located in the Indian Ocean and orbits the Earth every 36 hours.

The space station will be the first human-built object to be built in orbit around the Earth.

The United Nations has designated the suborbiting space station as a space habitat and will provide a safe environment for visiting space tourists.