‘Not our fault’: Alyssa Milano on Trump’s ‘racist’ tweet about the Star of David

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When it comes to the Star Of David, it’s a “bad” symbol, a “white supremacist symbol”, and “the most obvious symbol of hate that can be found on this planet”, actress Alyssah Milano has said.

The actress, who has made several controversial comments on social media, took aim at Trump on Wednesday morning after the president retweeted an image from the Jewish faith community that features the Star.

The image features a black woman wearing a Star of the Hebrew Nation, a symbol of the Jewish people, alongside a white man holding a Jewish shield and a star.

The shield and star are identical to those worn by the Star and White House, and the Star is often used to symbolise Judaism.

Milano took to Twitter to defend the image, saying that it was “not our fault” that the Star had been used as a symbol.

“It’s an American symbol,” she tweeted.

“Not our, but their, fault.”

In response, Trump responded to Milano, saying the Jewish community had “very strong views on” the symbol.

“We’ve been using it for a long time.

You’re supposed to love your country, love your flag, and you’re supposed and expected to love the American flag,” Trump said.

“That’s not our fault.”

But Milano took the opportunity to point out that it would be “very strange” if she were Jewish.

“I’m Jewish and it’s strange that people would use a symbol that’s the symbol of a foreign nation.

You know, you wouldnt use a Star Of Cameron on the flag of Germany, would you?” she said.”

You know, the Jewish state has the Jewish flag.

So why would you use the Star on the Jewish symbol?”

Milano has faced criticism for her outspokenness on social issues, including her decision to wear a Star in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

She also has had to deal with some backlash over comments she made about her parents’ immigration to the US from Hungary, where she was born.

Milanos comments come just days after the White House removed a tweet that was critical of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The tweet included a picture of a Star and the words “No More Jews.”

The tweet, which came after Trump’s call for an end to “Muslim” immigration into the US, said the star was “racist, and an insult to Muslims, who are a proud people”.

In the wake of the removal of the tweet, Milano tweeted that it “shows what a pathetic coward” Trump was.

“The star is a symbol for racism and anti-Semitism.

Its used to justify killing innocent people, and I am sickened that @realDonaldTrump has chosen to put the Jewish star into the Oval Office,” Milano wrote.”

It was racist and an attack on Muslims, and its an insult.

Its a sad day for America.”

Trump, who regularly touts his Jewish heritage, has been criticized for his association with the Jewish-American community, particularly his support for former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, who supported Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

In a statement on Tuesday, the White’s Department of Public Affairs said the president was a “long-time supporter of the US Jewish community”.

“President Trump has repeatedly said that he respects the Jewish and American people, believes strongly in the value of Israel, and believes strongly that the US and Israel are both strong and secure democracies,” it said.

In an interview with ABC News on Wednesday, Milanos mother, who is Jewish, said she was “heartbroken” to see the star removed.

“She is Jewish and she has a Star,” Milanos mother, Mariah, told ABC News.

“So I don’t understand why you’d take a symbol from her that she’s so proud of and that she feels so proud to wear and use as a mark of support.”

What’s wrong with you?

“She said Milano was a good person and a good actress.”

But you have to realize, I don

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