How to draw with a space pen in your phone

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When you’re in space and need to draw a picture in a way that’s comfortable for your hands, you might find it easier to use a pencil.

The Pencil is a portable device that can be attached to your phone, and is designed to work on both the phone and the pad of your hand.

It can be used to draw on the phone, with the device on your lap or in front of you, or it can be positioned on the table or table top.

If you don’t want to use your phone to draw, then you might be tempted to simply write your thoughts on the pad.

The app lets you set the tone of the picture, and then it automatically adds some extra touches like shading and highlights to make it more appealing.

But the most attractive aspect of this app is the ability to draw without touching the phone.

The pen works by using an electric field to generate a “surface” around the user, so it’s almost like a drawing pad, and it can draw with the touch of a finger.

The idea is that when you’re drawing on the Pencil, it won’t be distracting for you to write something on your pad.

But once you do, it’s like drawing with a brush, because it’s all done with a pencil’s stylus.

The ability to use the Pen, as well as the Pen+2, can also be used on your smartphone to write or edit text, or draw with your finger on a drawing surface.

If the PenPen is your favorite, you can find it in stores like Amazon, Google Play, and Apple.

It costs $49.99.

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