What is Space Cowgirl?

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The Canadian Space Agency has posted a short video that shows a Space Cowgirls dress and a cowgirl helmet in space.

In the video, the cowgirl is seen flying a space craft on a space station, and then she turns around and looks back to show off her costume.

The video is from the Space Cow Girl Costume Competition, and shows the cowgirls costume in space and also her helmet on the space station.

The costume competition, which is open to Canadians, is designed to highlight how the space community can work together to build more inclusive space.

The competition will see teams from across Canada compete to design a costume that will represent the community, as well as represent the space environment and the Canadian Space Program.

“The space cowgirl costumes represent the most diverse collection of women in space,” said David Mascaro, chair of the Space Program at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Physics in Montreal.

“It’s a great way for us to celebrate women who represent all of us, and it also reflects the diversity of our community.”

“It is important to celebrate the diversity and the inclusion of all women and all races, colours, creeds and backgrounds,” Mascarcos said.

The Space Cow Girls competition, part of the Canadian Science and Engineering Research Council, has been running for the past three years, and the winners are chosen each year.

The contestants are chosen based on their costumes and projects.

The winner will receive a NASA grant, and will be announced in October.

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