Space Jam: How will you know when you’ve got the perfect piece of Lego?

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As the space race heats up, Lego is looking to take on the role of space museum.

The company has recently unveiled a new series of spaceships designed to look like spaceships, and the company is also trying to make space-themed spaceships out of Lego bricks.

The company has unveiled three new space-related Lego spaceships in the past few weeks, with the first, the Space Jam, being unveiled today.

The Lego space jam sets up the Lego theme to the first space mission, the space shuttle Discovery mission.

The Lego space jams will also be available in white space to give the Lego sets some colour.

Lego has been working on this new series for a while, and its just been releasing some pieces and pieces of the new Lego spaceship sets in an effort to give more options for consumers to buy.

One of the sets that Lego released today was the SpaceJam 8 SpaceShip 1, which will set you back €75 (about £45) and be the first Lego spaceship to be built entirely from Lego bricks and space.

The set also includes the Space Museum, a space museum that will allow you to tour space in its entirety, and a Lego-themed space station.

The Space Jam 8 Spaceship 1 set will be available to purchase from September 17, 2017, for €75, which is £40 (about $55).

It’s not the first time Lego has released a Lego space-centric set.

The Space Jam sets are the most popular of Lego’s new Lego sets to date, with Lego releasing a set of LEGO Space Jam 11 sets in August 2017 for €90.

Lego also released Space Jam 10 sets in October 2016, which cost about €70 (about a dollar) each.

The new Space Jam 7 set will cost about £50 (about the US$55) once it’s released in December, 2017.

The new Lego Space Jam 9 sets are available to buy in October, but will be a limited quantity.

Lego said it plans to release more Lego Space jams in the future.

“We will also continue to introduce new LEGO Space jams, as they become available, and will continue to give consumers new ways to create their own Lego worlds and adventures,” Lego said.

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