Facebook to give free virtual tours to all its users

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Facebook will soon offer free virtual trips to all of its users, and it plans to use the money to help pay for new tools for people like the company’s “vast” social media team.

According to a company blog post published on Monday, the new virtual tours will allow Facebook users to go on walks, climb mountains, explore museums and more.

The free tours are aimed at helping the social network improve the user experience on its site, including by providing an opportunity to meet friends.

Facebook’s social team has been looking for ways to improve the quality of its live feeds over the past few years, and the virtual tours offer a good example.

Some of Facebook’s other virtual tours, like the one for its photo editors, allow users to visit a different part of the site to see what happens when a photo is shared.

But the company says that it is building its new virtual tour experience for everyone, not just its most popular users.

Facebook says it will not use the free tours to advertise the company or its products.

Users can download the free virtual tour for free from

“We want to bring this technology to everyone, and we hope to provide more ways for you to share your experience with us on Facebook,” Facebook’s product manager, Chris Wojcik, wrote.

In other news, here are some other interesting new tech items that are going on right now: Microsoft is making the Windows 8 PC an affordable and portable option, and now you can buy one with Windows 8.1. 

Microsoft’s new Xbox One gaming console is on sale now for $499, a $50 discount off the $399 price tag for the base model, Microsoft said. 

You can now watch Netflix in a theater with its own speakers. 

Amazon has updated its Kindle Fire line with a few new features, including a new digital video recorder and support for the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. 

The popular online music service Spotify has added a new subscription option to its streaming service. 

Netflix has updated an app that lets users watch Netflix on multiple devices at the same time. 

Apple announced it is launching a new version of its iPhone app, iOS 9.3, that includes support for Siri, the virtual assistant.

Apple is rolling out the new version today. 

In addition, Amazon is rolling back some of its most controversial decisions about its Echo and HomeKit technology. 

This article was originally published on May 31, 2018 at 5:05 p.m. PDT.

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