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A new way to define space is coming to the United States.

Space Buddys, a space definition company, will launch a mobile app in early 2018 that will let users define space by using their smartphones.

“Space is an abstraction of space,” the app’s creators wrote in an FAQ.

“If space is defined in a way that fits with your definition of space, then you can easily see the real space.”

Space Buddies is the brainchild of former NASA astronaut Chris Kraft and former Google executive and former NASA space scientist David Gant.

The company’s mission statement reads: “The future of space exploration is a space that is accessible, affordable, and open to everyone.”

The app is intended for people with a wide range of experience in space exploration, including engineers, physicists, and mathematicians.

It has been in development since January 2018, and it has already been tested in the U.S. and China.

“We’re going to start out with a limited list of people and then expand to the rest of the world,” said Kraft, who left NASA in 2019.

“We have lots of great ideas.”

The company will use a mobile device to make the app available to everyone, with a focus on young people.

“When it’s not your phone, your iPad, your smart watch, your computer, your tablet, you don’t have a lot of choices,” said Gant, who is also the chief scientist of the NASA Glenn Research Center.

“It’s like an app for the young.”

The space app will include a map, an app that lets you find other people on Earth, and a menu of space stations.

Space stations are stations where people live, work, and study, which will be represented by stars.

The app will also feature an option to share a station with another person, which is the most common type of communication between people on the planet.

“The more space we can get people to use, the more open we can be to exploring the universe,” Kraft said.

“People have the potential to live, study, and play in space.

It’s just really important that people understand that.”

The developers said the app will be available to anyone who is 16 years old or older.

It will be free to download and will not require any credit card.

Space Buddys’ mission statement also says the company’s “goal is to bring the world closer together.”

Gant said that, while it is not his goal to make a commercial space app, he does think that a space app would help people understand the limits of their own capabilities and how the limits apply to other people.

“A space app is the perfect way to give people a deeper understanding of the technology and the capabilities of the space program,” Gant said.

“It’s an extension of the human experience.”