Luluco’s first commercial space plane lands at NASA facility

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In September, LuluCo announced plans to build its first commercial flight in the company’s new space plane.

But while the plane is already available to NASA for testing, the first flight of LuluSpace will be conducted at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia, where the company is currently being built.

The Langley flight will be the first time that Lulu Space’s Boeing 737 MAX-600 is used to test out the spacecraft.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Luluspace founder and CEO Ryan Johnson said that Langley’s Flight Dynamics Office has already performed “some preliminary tests of the Boeing 737 Max-600” and that they expect to conduct a test flight of the plane at the end of February.

Johnson said that the company plans to start testing its flight at the beginning of March, and then fly its first flight at NASA in March.

The Boeing 737 has two wingspan, and can reach speeds of Mach 1.4, a speed that makes it capable of supersonic flight.

That means the plane can travel at supersonics for several minutes at a time.

Johnson noted that LulusSpace will also use a small payload for the first test flight, which will be a helium balloon, and that it will be able to fly to the International Space Station in mid-May, after which the Lulusspace flight will fly to orbit.

“We’ve been working on a number of things to try to bring to the commercial space industry a commercial capability that is affordable to the general public and that’s why we’re here today,” Johnson said.

“We’ve worked on the engine and we’ve worked out the landing gear.

We’ve worked through the software, the systems, everything.”

LulusSpace is already in talks with SpaceX about a partnership with the aerospace company to build the first commercial spacecraft.

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