NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope will be ready for launch within a year

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NASA’s ambitious Kepler space telescope is expected to launch within four years from now, officials have said.

The Kepler space probe has been searching for Earth-like planets around other stars in a galaxy for the past three years.

In March, the observatory launched its first-ever Earth-sized probe, the planet Kepler-186f, with a small payload, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced on Tuesday.

It is the first spacecraft to orbit a distant star and has been studying the planets Kepler-187f, 189f and 190f, the first planets in the habitable zone, or a region in which liquid water can exist on a planet’s surface.

The spacecraft is expected on a long-duration mission that will last for decades, with it taking about eight years to reach its destination.

This means that the space agency will not be able to launch the spacecraft in 2017 as planned.

The spacecraft will then spend several years in orbit around a star in the K2 constellation, located about 1,500 light-years from Earth, where the light reaches Earth.

It will be sent to the surface to observe the planet, using the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope.

The first of the observatories, the VLT (very large telescope) in Chile, will also be used to search for new exoplanets and other planets around the star Kepler-196, the second most distant star from Earth.

These planets could have water on them, or at least have water vapor on their surfaces.

The observatory is expected also to use the VLS (vacuum chamber) in Florida to study the atmospheres of these planets, which are expected to have liquid water on their surface.

Other science projectsThe telescope is also expected to search through more than 400,000 images from other instruments, including infrared and ultraviolet spectroscopy, spectroscopic and gravitational field measurements, and radio signals.

This will be done by the ground-based Kepler mission team, which includes astronomers from the Universities Space Research Association, the University of Texas at Austin and the California Institute of Technology.

This includes a project called the High Frequency Array (HFA), which is aimed at searching for exoplanet signals that originate in the H2 band.

This is in a different phase to Kepler-195, which was launched in late 2016.

The telescopes have already seen signs of signs of life, and there is hope that the telescope could detect life on other planets.

These exoplanetary searches, called transit searches, are looking for signs of planets passing in front of their stars, in the same way that the Earth does, as a way to better understand how planets form and evolve.

These searches will also help astronomers to better explain how the formation of planets occurs.

The HFA project will also use Kepler-189 and its planet, the Kepler-194b, as evidence for how planets can form and grow.

It was expected to land on the star in 2018, but NASA postponed its launch until 2019, with the launch expected to take place in 2019.

The telescope will also look at other planets, including another in the Kepler family, called Kepler-192b, which is a dwarf planet, a gas giant and one of the youngest in the universe.

Kepler-192c, a dwarf with a rocky surface, was first spotted in 2017.

It is also a candidate for a planet.

Kepernte, an astronomer at the University at Buffalo in New York, said it could be up to a year before Kepler-191b is confirmed.

Keplers observations could be helpful in identifying possible planets in habitable zones.

It will be able look for the signature of atmospheric liquid on planets in a habitable zone to see if there is water there.

Keelers observations are also helping to identify planets that have no atmosphere.

They will be looking for planets that are surrounded by a cloud of gas and dust, similar to the way that a planet can get by without having an atmosphere.

It could be that these planets have formed in a hot or cold environment, or they may be the remnants of planets that were destroyed by an outer solar system object.

There is also hope that it may help to find habitable zones, where Earth is the closest to a star.

This could help astronomers find planets that could be planets that exist in the vicinity of other stars.

Scientists hope that Kepler-193b, or another star, will help to confirm the presence of exoplaneters, although it is not clear yet what the planets could be.

The next step is to use Kepler’s instruments to search further for planets in our galaxy, where it will be possible to observe them in the infrared.NASA is planning to launch Kepler-10 in 2018 with a larger telescope.

This telescope will take a closer look at the K3 binary star system, a cluster of stars that is a candidate as a possible habitable zone for life.

Keck, which will be based at

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