Why you should buy a new pair of Space Jam sneakers

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If you’ve already had a pair of space jam, or space jersey, from the early ’90s, you’ll have a feeling of nostalgia for the shoes.

They were made by the same company who made the original Space Jam shoes, and were made in a very similar manner to the ones from this year’s Space Jam reboot, as well.

These are the new space shoes for the new Space Jam movie, starring Liam Neeson.

And if you’re not as familiar with these, they’re actually a little more than the shoes you’ve got.

The original Space Jordans were made for Nike by SpaceJam, who also made the iconic Space Jam Dunk shoes.

These sneakers have a more traditional look, but they do sport a retro-styled logo on the sole and a space jam logo on one side.

These space Jordans have an updated logo on both sides. 

The original Space Jams have been worn by all of the cast members of the new movie, and you can’t really buy one without seeing the movie first.

The new Space Jordas are $100 cheaper, which is a pretty good deal for a pair. 

But these new Space Jammies have a lot more to offer than the original, as they feature a mesh upper, a pair that have been updated to be able to fit on your feet, and a “Space Jam” branding on the heel.

They’re also a little heavier than the originals, but that’s nothing to complain about.

You can check out the full specs below, but in the meantime, check out some photos of the updated versions below.

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