What you need to know about the Fisher Space Pen (in 10 seconds)

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The Fisher Space pen is the first pen you need if you want to take deep space images of planets and the solar system.

This model of pen is designed for the beginner, and it’s perfect for taking pictures of the planets and comets that you want your friends to see.

It also comes with a digital camera and a lens that allows you to capture the full range of colors in the depths of space.

The Fisher pen is $99.95 and comes with the following features: Pen: Fisher Space PEN is a true space pen.

With an aperture of 10.8mm, the pen can capture the entire range of wavelengths that you see with the naked eye.

When you’re done using the Fisher pen, you can either place the lens inside the pen and use it as a standard macro lens or you can place the pen inside the lens of the camera.

The pen is made of stainless steel and comes in three colors: Silver, Black, and Blue.

It comes with two carrying handles, a USB charging cable, and a clip that attaches to the top of the pen.

The design is designed to be easy to carry and the pen comes with an adjustable grip that allows for different angles of use.

The nib has a gold nib that is slightly thicker than the standard size of the Fisher Pen.

The ink is a transparent ink that you can fill the ink cartridge with and then refill.

The Pen is also waterproof and dustproof.

When used with a standard camera lens, the Fisher is able to capture up to 250 meters (650 feet) of images at 10 frames per second.

When combined with the Digital Camera Adapter, you’ll be able to shoot images up to 60 frames per minute.

Fisher Pen Features: 1.

Fine Fine: Aperture of 10mm (focal length) 2.

Fine Sharp: Apertures of 12mm (field of view) 3.

Fine Wide: A 12mm aperture lens is included in the pen 4.

Fine Standard: A 3mm aperture is included 5.

High Speed Focusing: 1/4000 second shutter speed (100% shutter speed) 6.

Wide Angle Focusing 7.

Multi-Shot Focusing 8.

Macro Control: 1-click zoom and focus on a focal length of 0.1 inches (1.2 centimeters) 9.

Macro Shift: Zoom and focus to a focal point of 0-2.5 inches (6-12 centimeters) 10.

Manual Focus Modes: A-T, M-Zoom, and Pan-Tilt 11.

Auto Exposure: Hold down the shutter button to focus on the selected object for up to 1/250 second 12.

Stylus Selection: Select between a variety of nib colors to achieve a wide variety of writing styles.


Automatic Exposure Compensation: Automatically adjusts the exposure level for each shot when you’re using the camera to change the focal length.


Digital Camera Connection: Connect the camera and attach the USB cable.


Built-in Battery: Battery life up to 8 hours when fully charged.


Warranty: The Fisher Pen comes with 2 years of limited warranty and a 3-year warranty with the Fisher Camera Adapter.

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