How to get a little more space in your house

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Space buddies are your best friends when it comes to keeping things organized and looking out for each other.

But there are some rules to keep in mind.

First, space buddies must be the same person in the house, even if they are not in the same room.

And space buddies also need to be sharing space.

Here are five space buddies that will make your space feel cozy and at home.


Your friends have to share space.

Space buddies must share space at least one meter apart in your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and garage.

If you share a space with friends, they will have to be at least a foot apart, which means they need to share a room.

You can also share a small area in the middle of your house.

If a friend lives in a larger house, they may need to make room in their house for one another.

The more space you share, the more you will feel at home in your home.

And if you have a shared space, you can share the space with a relative who also lives in your household.


Space must be shared.

Space is the best way to spread out.

When a friend comes over, he/she needs to share one room, with everyone sharing the same space.

So if you share the same bedroom and kitchen, you will have a similar look, feel and smell to your friends in the other rooms.

When they leave, they need not come back to your house and share a bathroom with you.


If space is shared, the next step is to clean up.

Clean up is important.

Cleaning up can be messy.

And when you leave a space, the space must be left with a clean spot to make it easier to move.

If they have already left the space, it is not clean enough to share, so they can only share a shared room.


Space can be shared, but the next part is cleaning.

When space is sharing, you have to follow the same cleaning rules that you would for an open-air apartment.

If the space is not shared, you need to clean it up.

If it is a shared bedroom, the room must be cleaned up as well.


When you have cleaned up, it’s time to go.

If someone is sharing a shared bathroom, then they can take a shower.

But they will not be allowed to shower alone.

That is not a room shared, so no shower.

This means they cannot share a shower alone, and they cannot use the bathroom.

If your space is clean, you should go and clean up your room.

But the next time they come over, you must clean up the bathroom, too.

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