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Posted March 23, 2018 10:25:00 Negative space tattoos have become a popular trend in the last few years, and are becoming increasingly common among teens.

Some tattoo artists also have negative space tattoos on their body in hopes of attracting attention from people who want to see their image on the wall.

But what happens when someone takes the negative space and uses it for an illegal act?

In an attempt to clear up the confusion, the tattoo artist who has become famous for his tattooing style said that negative space can be a “potential weapon for criminals”.

“It’s a very strong tattoo,” said Alana Cordero, who has a positive space tattoo on her forearm.

“You can feel the negative energy.

The negative space is a very powerful thing to feel.”

She added that negative spaces can also be used as a weapon.

“It doesn’t mean you’re committing a crime,” Corderos said.

“Sometimes when you’re looking at a negative space you don’t really know if you’re going to get hurt.”

She said negative space was usually applied to skin, where it could cause skin cancer, or to skin that was close to the skin itself, where people might cut it off.

The tattoos are typically done by a tattoo artist by hand, but sometimes the artist uses a machine to create the tattoos, so that they don’t have to be applied with a scalpel.

Corderos’ tattoo is on her arm, in the same place that a negative line was used.

“I put a line through the arm to help draw the negative and I just keep it there.

Sometimes they’re done by hand,” she said.

“If I’m looking at someone else’s arm, I take it out of the negative, but I do it on my own, I have no intention of doing it on a police officer’s arm.”

Tattoos can also contain harmful chemicals, and can also have harmful effects on the skin, as can the chemicals in the ink itself.

The Tattoo Industry Association of Australia (TAIA) says it has seen a rise in negative space-based tattoos, which it says are being used by young people to draw attention to themselves.

“We know that positive space is an important way of feeling safe and secure and is very popular with teens,” TAIA chief executive Michelle Beazley said.”[Tattoo artists] use positive space to show that they have a sense of empowerment and self-confidence.

It can also draw attention towards themselves.””

It can be an opportunity to express who they are to the world, to friends and colleagues.”

But negative space may also cause problems for those who are trying to hide their tattoos, as many people use it to create a negative impression of themselves.

Cordeo said negative spaces could also be dangerous to the people who put them on, because they can create a false sense of security, which can cause physical harm.

“The negative space creates a false image that you’re protected, but there are risks associated with this,” she explained.

“If someone has a tattoo on their arm, they may think that they’re protected from the world and not be concerned about how their tattoo will look.”

And if someone has the negative symbol, they might feel less safe in their everyday life, which is very problematic for them.

“While negative space will not be removed on your body, it can be removed with a professional, and it can have an effect on your tattoo.

Cordell, a tattoo studio in Canberra, says it only applies negative space to tattoo artists who are licensed to practice tattooing.”

Any tattoo artists that we do not license will have negative tattoo on the body, which will be removed by a professional,” he said.

A few people use negative space as a means of expressing their personal style, but it’s not necessarily the most effective method.”

A lot of tattoo artists do it in an attempt at expressing their own individuality and individuality is important, and that can sometimes get the better of some people,” Cordell said.

But he said negative-space tattoos can be dangerous.”


That’s the main thing: to be safe, don’t use negative spaces and if someone does have negative tattoos, get professional help.”


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