How to make space songs for the cosmos

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Explore how to make a space song for the planets and stars in your backyard.

Here’s how to do it. 2.

Create your own space song Your best bet is to create a space tune.

There are plenty of space songs out there, but they’re all pretty simple.

You just need a few key elements: 1.

A space song You’ll need: a) a music player to play the song on. 2,000 watts or more 3.

a microphone to play your space song.


a couple of spacesuit-wearing space heroes to perform.


a sound system to play a space theme.


some space-loving friends and family to sing along with your space tune as you walk on the moon or fly on the space shuttle.


an alarm clock that will turn the music on when your space-tune is complete.


some tape, a tape recorder and some tape loops to play around with.


a few pencils, scissors, a ruler, tape measure and some pen.


some paint, glue, paper clips, duct tape, paint strippers and some rubber bands to attach to your space instrument.

You might also need to put tape around your instrument to make it easier to play.

This will keep your space instruments from banging against each other and other instruments while you walk the cosmos.

Some instruments can be played with one hand, while others can be moved around with the other.


a small camera and some film and some pencils to shoot your space space song in space.


some foam insulation to keep the music from freezing up while you’re on the ground.


some paper towels to wrap around your instruments while walking on the planets.


some gloves to keep them warm.


some disposable water bottles to drink while you play the space tune on the big screen of your living room TV. 16.

some duct tape and some duct-tape to tape a space music theme to your door.


some pencil sharpeners to sharpen the sharp edges of your space music.


some plastic tape to hang a small piece of tape around the instrument you’re playing.


some bubble wrap to keep your music safe from the elements while you travel on the solar system.


some rubber band to attach your instrument’s back to your home.

You can use a pair of scissors to trim away any loose tape.


some scissors to cut a space-themed star to make your own star.


some ruler and some scissors.

You’ll also need a couple dozen different spacemen to perform your space theme at your backyard parties.

You may also want to add a few people to your circle of friends.


a vacuum cleaner and some air freshener.


some sticky tape to make sure you don’t mess up the tapes you cut.


some nail clippers to cut away the tape.


some glue sticks to make up for the gaps in your tape.


some spray paint to give your space songs a splash of color.


some cheap paper towels and a couple bottles of liquid nitrogen.


some cardboard to make the inside of your instruments more durable.


some stickers to make them more visually appealing.


some extra tape to hold your space tunes together.


some adhesive tape to keep things from getting scratched when you walk around on the Moon.


some small cardboard tubes to keep you safe from asteroids or comets.


some spare batteries to recharge your instruments.

You’re done.

You should now have a space musical.

How to start your own musical?

If you have a few friends, ask them to sing a space space tune at your house.

If you don: 1) If you are alone and you have no friends or family nearby, start by singing the tune to yourself.

2) If the space song is so simple you can’t remember the melody, ask someone to play it to you.

3) If your friends are too busy to sing the song to you, play it on your phone.

This might work well if you can keep up with your friends while you are walking the cosmos and recording your space tour.

(See also: 10 things to do when you’re alone.)

4) If it’s a solo space tune, you can start by playing it to your friends, then sing it to yourself as you travel through the cosmos, then to the stars.

5) If everyone else is doing it, start it by yourself.

The space song may take longer to complete than the solo song, but it’s not much longer than you might expect.

You need about four to six minutes to sing and record a space track, but the recording is worth it.

If your recording isn’t good, it’s best to start over and make a new one.

6) If there are only a few of you and you don

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