The safest space heater ever?

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An article published on Thursday claimed that the Safest Space Heater was the “safest heater ever invented” and that it could protect against the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19).

The article by the Australian newspaper The Age said that “a team of scientists from a leading international research organisation has developed a COVID-free COVID heater”.

“The team has found that the safest heater ever created is the Safesafe Space Heating Unit, which is a COFFEE-free unit that will be tested in Australia by a team of Australian researchers,” the article said.

“This is the first time the SAFESafe Space heater has been proven safe in testing and it is the safest space heaters ever invented.”

The SAFESafest Space heater is now available to buy from Australian retailers and has been tested in Sydney and Perth.

“The article said the SAFSafe unit, which was built by a US-based company called Space Energy Technologies, had been “tested at various sites around the world”.”

It has been demonstrated to be 100% safe, and is capable of generating a safe level of COVIDs in space,” it said.

The article claimed that SAFSafest would “help protect us from the coronaviruses COVID,” and claimed that “the unit can keep the temperature down to -80 degrees Celsius (minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit) at the point of use”.”

This heater is a part of a range of high-tech products developed by the company that have been proven to be safer than COVID treatments,” it added.”

As part of the company’s COVID campaign, Safesafest will be making the Safefest Space HEater available in Australian stores from June 1.

“The Safesafety unit was tested at various locations around the globe, and the company was later awarded the Australian Science and Engineering Medal for its work.

In 2016, the Australian government announced that it had awarded the company $30 million in funding to build a new space heater, dubbed Safesafer.

The company’s CEO, David J. Hirst, said the Safespacesafe unit was the first “COVID proof heater” to be developed in the US.”

We are thrilled to be able to offer the SAFEST space heater to the Australian public,” he said in a statement at the time.”

It is a safe, efficient and cost effective space heater that is fully compliant with all relevant international safety requirements, including the UNICEF standard for safe temperature control.

“Safespacesafety has not yet released the unit’s specifications, but said that it would make the unit “available for sale to Australia within weeks”.

The article also claimed that Safesaversafe was “the world’s first COVID proof COFFE-free space heater” and said that this was because it was designed to use COFFER, a “cleaner, cleaner, cleaner” kind of liquid, as its heat source.”

For COVID patients, the SAFSEFIRE Space heater will save lives and health by using clean, safe, safe COFFERA technology to keep the patient at a safe temperature,” the company said.

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